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A word from the Executive Director,
Marc-Antoine d'Aragon

Every summer for the past 20 years, Montreal Vocal Arts Festival has presented a variety of lyrical events as part of the Canadian Vocal Arts Institute.


The CVAI is en essential training center for emerging Canadian and international opera artists. Supervised by world-renowned masters, they spend nearly a month training not only vocally and musically, but also in career management and stage acting, across a panorama of trainings.


Each year, we welcome some forty young artists: singers, conductors and pianists. These are the elite from Canada and abroad who come to consolidate their foundations and prepare for their careers.


Having attended the program 6 times myself when I was just starting out in my career, I can testify to its excellence, and I'm delighted to be able to contribute to its development!

Board of Directors


Bernard Stotland


Vanda Treiser


Music and opera are at the heart of my life. I am fortunate to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Vocal Arts Institute, and to have overseen the development of this organization, which has been fostering operatic careers for 19 years.


I'm delighted to have donated $62,500 this year, and again next year, to enable the production of a full-scale opera, with orchestra and choir, in downtown Montreal.


What's more, I'll match it with $150,000 if we manage to raise that amount by the end of 2024. Your donations provide a tangible experience for these great voices of the next generation of opera singers. I invite you to support these young artists in their development!

Vanda Treiser

Administrative Team

Marc-Antoine D'Aragon

Executive Director


Nathalie Deschamps

Artistic Coordinator 

Nicole Car & Étienne Dupuis

Artistic Co-directors


Justine Fournier



Nadia Monczak

Education & Information​

Mahault Sampy

Web & Administration

Administration Board

Bernard Stotland, FCPA, FCA

Vanda Treiser

Margot Provencher

Sharon Azrieli

Michel Brutti

Sue Carol Isaacson
Rosemarie Landry

David B. Sela


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