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The Canadian Vocal Arts Institute (CVAI) is a program of three-week intensive training for emerging international singers, in residence at the Faculty of Music of the University of Montreal.


The program for opera singers includes voice lessons and private coaching, focusing on vocal technique, musical interpretation, career preparation, acting and staging on stage,

a physical training and speechAll our students have the opportunity to sing in a masterclass, in our opera production or in our many concerts

We also have a program for conductors and pianists.

This year, the program will be held from July 17 to August 11, 2024,

and will present Die Fledermausas well asThe Four-Note Opera.

It is possible to register until April 5.

The program


Work on your repertoire under the guidance of our guest masters in front of your peers and a public.


Recording of a demo, a video, of casting photos, but also preparation of CVs, biographies and a website.

Private & Group Coaching

Polish your repertoire down to the finest detail with coaches from the greatest opera companies. 

Career Management

Learn more about the inner workings and secrets of the opera world.


Improve your theatrical skills with our dramatic coaches.

Bodily Awareness

Connect your body to your voice through our various body awareness activities.

The Audition

Our new exclusive event

We are launching this year our new public and exclusive event called "The Audition", broadcasted live and internationally, to help you kickstart your career. We offer you the opportunity to perform in front of a panel of opera specialists who will give you their feedback live from all around the world.

Our new program for young pianists and conductors

ICAV is pleased to introduce a new program for aspiring conductors and pianists wishing to improve their skills in opera. Conductors will be accompanied daily by our team of conductors: Julien Proulx, Teresa Rodriguez, Victorien Vanoosten, Paul Nadler, Tom Jaber and Alain Trudel, to perfect their skills in opera conducting. 

The pianists selected to participate in the ICAV program will accompany singers on a daily basis during voice lessons, master class coaching and all concerts. They will also have the opportunity to have private coaching on a daily basis with our many coaches: Joan Donnermann, Tom Jaber, Anthony Legge, Francis Perron, Laurent Philippe, Teresa Rodriguez, Marie-Ève Scarfone.


Each year, CVAI students have many opportunities to put their skills to the test by presenting the results of their extensive practice in front of an audience or their colleagues.

Audition preparation workshop

During the course of the program, students are regularly asked to perform a piece as in an audition setting. This begins on the first day when they are invited to each sing an aria of their choice.


Recital performance

We organize many concerts during the three weeks of the program, giving everyone the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and challenge themselves.


Opera and great operatic scenes

An opera or large opera scenes are usually performed at the end of the workshop. Students are therefore expected to prepare an opera role. 



Students have the opportunity to learn from the greatest masters who share their expertise in front of an audience. 


Exclusive workshops

Our students will have the amazing opportunity to learn from two of the greatest masters in their respective fields:
The great comedian Benoît Brière will teach a workshop on the art of mask acting like in the Commedia dell'Arte. 

The brillant Claude Webster will teach a workshop on neurolinguistic programming to deconstruct anxiety inducing patterns and be fully prepared for a performance. 



During the program, students are mentored in the making of a fully fledged portfolio, with tools such as assistance in formatting an artist's resume, taking casting photos, and recording professional quality demos which will allow them to access professional opportunities. 


Preparing for a career

In addition to learning from great professionals in the opera world recognized internationally, students will have the opportunity to gain exposure at our new event: The Auditions.

 « On a pu explorer des thèmes et des questions que je n'ai pas encore eu la chance d'aborder durant mon parcours scolaire. »
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